Chewing Gum Outside Your North Haven, NY Business Workplace is Unprofessional & Trashy!

Chewing gum is a common activity among Americans.  Some chew gum to help refresh mid-day breath, a welcome distraction from other poor habits, or for those that simply enjoy blowing bubbles.  Much like cigarettes, once people have finished chewing their gum, an estimated 80%-90% of chewed gum is not properly disposed of, unfortunately.  Quite a few people have a habit of spitting out their gum where ever they happen to be, similar to the cigarette butts that litter the ground after the smokers have randomly dropped it on the wayside.   Because of this nasty habit, many commercial properties are cluttered with chewed gum that was careless spat out on the ground.  Considering this, we at Woodedge PowerWashing would like to elaborate briefly on chewed gum. 

Why You Shouldn’t Throw Gum on the Ground

What chewing gum is made from is polymers, or synthetic plastics that do not biodegrade.  Chewing gum that is carelessly tossed on the sidewalk will only fester there until it is removed.  Despite the scientists who are trying to decrease the littered waste of discarded used chewing gum, it still presents an issue.   Thanks to diligent scientists, a natural gum that is made from biodegradable materials has been developed.  Like the cigarette butt receptacles, city services have also implemented gum receptacles in the growing effort to cut down on gum litter.  Thanks to these receptacles, in a 6-month surveyed period, littered gum has been reduced by 72%.  Many businesses still see the chewed wads of gum defacing the presentation of their commercial storefront though this method has already helped significantly. 

What Can Dissolve Chewing Gum from Concrete & Other Surfaces?

Chewed gum wadded up in front of businesses, as people step in it, track it inside, and seeing the germ filled chunks smeared along the floors, poor impression of your business by colleagues, customers, or even employees results.  A rather challenging feat is keeping the storefront clean and free from chewed gum remnants. Some people sharing some advice on how businesses can effectively remove chewed gum from the sidewalk or other surfaces around the commercial property includes products such as Krudt Kutter, PB Blaster, concrete degreaser, Goo Be Gone, even WD-40.  Other alternative methods suggest applying ice to freeze the chewed gum to snap it off, melt the gum with boiling hot water, or smearing on some peanut butter and use a putty knife to scrape it away; as well as other outlandish ideas.   For removing chewed gum off the surface some of these home remedies might be effective, but most require time, patience, or have a disregard for sanitation; and who wants to spend every day outside their business applying peanut butter to randomly chewed gum?  There are more important tasks to achieve during the work day by business owners, managers and staff. 

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Chewed gum is effectively removed in addition to the likely accumulation of dirt, pollution, debris, bacteria, and other contaminants with quality pressure cleaning services.  Along with the other filth and stains that are marring the presentation of your business, investing in routine pressure washing can keep your surrounding sidewalks, storefront, and parking lot free from the chewed gum litter.  For your pressure washing services, call Woodedge PowerWashing for your quality exterior cleaning and sandblasting services.