Dangers of DIY Pressure Washing in Wainscott, NY; Avoiding Injury, Electrocution & More

Nothing will get a surface quite as clean as pressure washing. However, when people try to do it on their own without proper training or understanding of the process, more damage can be done than good. Not only that, but there can be inherent dangers to the person attempting to pressure wash. Each year there are about 6,000 emergency room visits involved pressure washing. There are many dangers of DIY pressure washing and Woodedge Powerwashing is here to talk about them.

Physical Injuries Caused by Pressure Washing

Sometimes people forget that when they are trying to pressure wash a surface, the water is barreling out of the nozzle much faster than a normal hose. In fact, it shoots from the nozzle 50 times stronger than an average garden hose. If the hose of a pressure washer were to get away from someone, it can do some major damage, including slicing through heavy duty gloves.

Risk of Pressure Washer Electrocution

In order to have the water pressure it takes to get certain surfaces clean, you have to have a power source. Anytime you mix water with electricity, it can cause problems. All pressure washers have a 20 to 30 foot power cord which can pose a major risk of electric shock. Even when you have a grounded power source, it can be a true risk of not only shock but electrical fire as well.

Surface Damage from Pressure Washing

Not every surface should be cleaned the same way, and that includes using a power washer. The water shoots out at such a high pressure, that it can damage certain surfaces. Anytime that you are too close or are using too much pressure or are too close to a wood or mortar surface, it can cause permanent damage. In fact, pressure washers can actually peel the paint from a surface if it isn’t used right.

Window & Roof Shingle Damage

If your home has older windows, they may not be able to withstand the amount of pressure used when pressure washing. Another area of risk is your roof. Certain shingles can be severely damaged by pressure washing and should be cleaned with great caution by someone that knows what they are doing.

Pressure Washing Safety Risk of Chemical Exposure

Anytime you are pressure washing a surface, there are likely cleaning agents that are being used. Some of these chemicals aren’t safe to touch if you have a cut or scratch. They can lead to bacterial infections and pose other health hazards as well when they make it directly into your blood stream.

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These are just some of the dangers of pressure washing on your own. When you leave the pressure washing up to the experts at Woodedge Powerwashing, we will provide you with superior pressure washing services. We can make almost any surface look like new again with our experience and training. Don’t put yourself at risk of injury or risk hurting your belongings and let us do the dirty work. Call us today!