How to Clean Outside Windows in Noyack, NY; Pressure Washing Window Glass & Frames

When cleaning outside windows that have been neglected or stained with hard water stains, sometimes you feel as if you need to chisel the hard water deposits way. However, there is a much easier method to clean exterior windows and that is using a pressure washing machine. You do have to be really careful when cleaning glass with a pressure washer or they could break. Nonetheless, with the correct setting and attachments, window cleaning is made much easier with a pressure washer. Woodedge Powerwashing will share how to properly clean windows using the pressure washing method.

How to Wash Windows with a Pressure Washer

Step 1. Before you begin using a pressure washer on your windows, inspect them first to assess their condition. Focus on the caulking around the edges of the window frame. If the caulking is worn away and there are gaps around the window frame, re-caulk the edges of the window. Next, if your windows require glazing, then they need to be re-glazed before using a pressure washer. A side warning: if the trim around the windows have loose or old paint, the pressure washer can strip off the paint you may need to repaint before or after cleaning the windows.
Step 2. Keep in mind, the chemicals used to clean windows, especially those with hard water deposits, can be a little harsh on grass and soil. To help reduce contamination, dampen the soil underneath the windows before you begin washing the windows.
Step 3. To prep the pressure washer machine, start by adding the soap concentrate to the pressure washer tank or reservoir. Make sure to use soap for windows (manufactures usually will put on the label what the soap is targeted for). Follow the instructions. Most will have a certain ratio of soap to water. After adding your cleaning solution, attach a 60 degree angle nozzle on the tip of your wand. Make sure the pressure washer is on a lower pressure setting. High pressure or too much PSI and GPM can break the glass.
Step 4. When using a pressure washer for cleaning windows, keep the wand at a 45 degree angle to prevent damaging the window. Start at the top of the window and trim and begin cleaning the window. Start at the top and go from one side to the other and work your way down. This method helps to keep the dirt from splashing onto the cleaned areas. Keep cleaning from side to side until you’ve cleaned the entire window.
Step 5. After you have washed the windows, make sure to rinse them with plain water afterwards. You can use the pressure washer. Just switch to a general use nozzle which is 15 to 20 degrees. This will provide a slightly stronger pressure. You even can rinse the windows with a garden hose if you desire. Use a squeegee to remove the access water and then use a glass cleaner with a micro-fiber cloth for a streak-free, sparkling clean window. After you finish cleaning the windows, you can repaint the window trim if needed.

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Windows cleaned with a pressure washer needs to be done with care. If done incorrectly, you can damage the window or break the glass completely. If you need help washing your windows around your home, contact Woodedge Powerwashing!