Pressure Cleaning Concrete, Vinyl & Aluminum Siding, Decks & Roofs in Shinnecock Hills, NY

Pressure cleaning is a quick, satisfying way to blast gunk and grime off of a variety of exterior surfaces. When faced with cleaning walkways and stripping old paint from a deck along with other nitty-gritty tasks, nothing compares to the unbridled power of these machines. Commercial and residential properties have a better advantage of combating gunk, filth, and contaminants with the beneficial and simple use pressure cleaning offers. Though power washing has its advantages, if done incorrectly, damage can be to the various surfaces. We at Woodedge Powerwashing would relate the surfaces that are safely pressure cleaned when done right.

Pressure Cleaning Concrete Driveway & Walkways

Concrete surfaces are typically very durable, and etching is not a major concern. For a more efficient job, a finer nozzle to effectively spot-clean the grease stains and the mold or mildew cover can be remedied with lower pressure and a mold remover cleaner.

Exterior Deck Cleaner

For cleaning the compact dirt and mud off as well as the mold and mildew growth, many people find benefit of pressure washing the deck as a part of their routine maintenance. Additionally, power cleaning is utilized during the refinishing process. Power washing the deck or wooden fences can generally be safely done as long as it is done correctly. The correct pressure setting and keeping the nozzle far enough away from the surface from the surface will prevent damage. Etching or other blemishing marks with additional damage that will lead to plank replacement is often the result of too much pressure or spraying too close.

Power Washing Vinyl, Aluminum & Fiber Cement Siding

Some siding can be pressure cleaned. For example, fiber cement and vinyl are durable and can be cleaned easily with pressure cleaning. Aluminum on the other hand, is vulnerable and can dent with excessively high pressure, however a broad nozzle and low pressure and without heavily concentrated blasts, pressure cleaning can be very effective. Pressure cleaning can knock the shingles siding loose, so it should be avoided.

Roof Cleaning

Using safety protocols and the correct techniques and technical applications of the equipment, a trained professional, can effectively and safely clean the roof. Too many variables can lead to injury or damage with DIY pressure cleaning on your roof and it is strongly discouraged. Not all types of roofing materials should be pressure cleaned despite the urge to want to tackle your roof, you should leave it to professionals.
Car. A false notion is thinking that pressure washing equipment will clean the car efficiently; do not be tempted, it will damage the car, destroy the paint job, and it can lead to rust. It is recommended you clean your car the traditional way.

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Everything comes into configuration to pressure clean the varied surfaces from nozzle, angle, pressure, temperature, cleaning solution, and knowledge on how to do it. To ensure the pressure cleaning is done correctly on your commercial or residential surface in the greater Hamptons, NY area, call Woodedge Powerwashing and let our experts take care of your pressure cleaning needs. Call us today to get started.