What is a Good PSI for a Pressure Washer to Clean Concrete & Other Surfaces in Watermill, NY?

The weather can take a toll on the outside of your home. Wind, rain, hail and sun can all affect the appearance of your home and it doesn’t take long before it can look dirty, grimy or even moldy. A good power washing can make an older home look fresh and new. This job requires a certain amount of knowledge and can present some dangers.

Choosing the Correct Pressure Washing Machine & PSI

What is PSI? PSI stands for pounds per square inch. This is part of the equation, but you really need to look at the water flow in gallons per minute. A 5 GPM machine with 3,7000 PSI will clean better than a 4 GPM machine at 4,000 PSI. The machine should also be able to dispense a cleaning product along with the water. You can clean a driveway with plain water but it will take longer without any chemicals and won’t last as long. Using a bit of chlorine will keep the mold and mildew away. A good consumer-grade pressure washer should start at around $500 and doesn’t come with the expertise and knowledge of hiring a professional!

Pressure Washer Safety to Prevent Injuries

Pressure washing can be dangerous if operated incorrectly. The high-pressure of the water blast can damage property and cause serious injury. You should always make sure you should wear eye protection. A new pressure washer can take the paint right off a house. You should also wear gloves, boots and a long-sleeved shirt. Make sure you know what the direction the nozzle is pointing when activating the sprayer and make sure no one is in the line of fire. Care will need to be taken around windows, frames, doors, overhangs and screen enclosures. These are easy to damage if you’re not careful. If it’s windy, then pay attention to the direction it’s going or you’ll be getting the spray right back at you. All parts of the pressure washer are under pressure. If a hose happens to pop or the tip isn’t fully clipped on, it can sound like a gunshot when it pops and it can be a little brutal so take extra care.

Use Appropriate Setting on Power Washer

Not all jobs need the highest pressure. A low setting should be enough for washing a house or deck. Different machines have different levels of settings and interchangeable nozzles. Always check with the manual. Chemicals need to be applied from the ground up and then rinsed from the top down. It’s also important to make sure chemicals aren’t allowed to dry. You should know the limits of the machine and realize that some stains will not come out no matter how high you turn the pressure up. You can cause damage if you try too hard. Protect plants and cars from chemical runoff by covering them or rinsing them with water before, during and after the process which will dilute the chemicals.

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There are many pressure washing jobs to be done around the home. It’s best to always call the professionals at Woodedge Powerwashing. Pressure washing can be dangerous and it’s easy to cause damage to your home and possible injuries to those nearby. Woodedge Powerwashing has well maintained superior equipment and our technicians have the training and expertise to use it! Contact us today to schedule your exterior cleaning project.