Benefits of Dustless Sandblasting in Bridgehampton, NY; No Dust, Easy Clean Up, Remove Rust & More

When you are trying to clean a surface, mainly cement or metal, there is no better way to get it done than with dustless sandblasting. This is one of the most effective ways to quickly clean a surface in preparation for paint among other things. If you aren’t familiar with sandblasting, you may not realize the many benefits that can come from using this cleaning method. Woodedge Powerwashing is here to talk about how dustless sandblasting can benefit you.

What is Dustless Sandblasting?

Dustless sandblasting is also known as wet blasting. With the use of water, the amount of dust that is involved with sandblasting is greatly reduced. When the water is utilized, the dust is suppressed which provides you with a much cleaner process. This is why many believe this is the best way to sandblast a surface.

Benefits of Dustless Sandblasting

Following are some of the biggest benefits that come from dustless sandblasting as opposed to traditional sandblasting methods.

  • Reduced Health Risk: When you are constantly breathing in large amounts of dust, it isn’t healthy for you. In fact, it can lead to an illness known as silicosis. This can be a crippling lung disease. Since there is no more dust when you are using dustless sandblasting methods, you don’t have to worry about being in the vicinity when a surface is being blasted. There is no longer a health risk associated with it.
  • Less Need for Abrasive Materials: Traditional sandblasting methods use a large amount of tiny granules of sand or other abrasive materials that are propelled at an object to clean and prepare the surface for painting. Wet sandblasting is considerably superior to the traditional method as you don’t need to use near as much abrasive material to get the job done.
  • Easy Cleanup: Because there is no dust with wet sandblasting, you can expect that cleanup is easy and painless.

Removing Rust With Dustless Sandblasting

Not only can dustless sandblasting help to prepare a surface for painting, but it can also remove rust from machinery and other metal objects. When rust starts to take over machinery, it can’t operate as it should. Dustless sandblasting can remove that rust and restore your machinery and equipment so that you can use it properly again. When you don’t have rust on your equipment, you don’t have to worry about malfunction that you would otherwise.

Uses for Dustless Sandblasting

Sandblasting is a popular choice when you are trying to clean a surface. Like mentioned above, it can be an effective way to remove rust but it can also remove old paint, residue and other impurities from a surface extremely effectively.

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