Commercial Power Washing of the Buildings, Driveways & More of Your Montauk, NY Business

The exterior of your property is something clients, investors, colleagues, even potential employees all see before the warm welcome and friendly smiles. As is often stated, first impressions are often lasting ones. A demonstration of the pride in your entire operation and attention to detail is how well maintained the outside of your building is. The efforts you make on the overall presentation of your building can make an impact on how you are perceived, especially when it comes to the cleanliness. With that in mind, we at Woodedge Power Washing would like to share some benefits concerning pressure cleaning the exterior of your commercial property.

Benefits of Commercial Pressure Washing

1) Enhances Health: The outdoor exteriors collect layers of allergens, pollutants, microbes, and other contaminates along with dirt and debris. Not only can these residues cause unsightly eye sores on the building and surrounding surfaces, but they can be equally a health risk. These contaminates lead to visible health concerns and the film of pollution that builds up contributes to poor indoor air quality. The reduced indoor air quality causes the individuals indoors to be susceptible to allergy and asthma attacks as well as ailments produced by the various germs and bacteria that is air borne. Routine pressure washing can minimize the toxins that can get introduced to the indoor air that can impact a person’s health.
2) Curb Appeal: Getting rid of stains, dirt, mud, and other blemishes, making the surfaces clean and tidy makes the curb appeal more attractive. The clean appearance increases value and gives any exterior an instant facelift, even if you have no intention of selling the property; it is still an added benefit.
3) Preventative Maintenance: There are many variables that can make the building and grounds of the commercial property look filthy; such examples include biological growths, microbes, pollution residue, gum, bird droppings, and other animal waste, oil, grease and dirt buildup. Any of these substances corrode different finishes that protect the raw materials of your buildings structure. With the scheduled pressure washing, you can prevent the expedited wear and better protect your building.
4) Moss, Mold, Algae and Mildew Removal and Control: It takes little effort for algae, moss, mold and mildew to grow. Any of these growths can lead to health concerns, material decay and/or decrease in aesthetics. The undesirable growths is removed with routine pressure washing and controlled and helps prevent the damage they cause.
5) Employee Morale: The more an employer shows pride and care in their business and property, the more likely the staff will follow that example and do the same. A clean and well manicured building indicates sophistication and pristine environments. It promotes productivity and excels customer service.
6) Graffiti Removal: In most instances, professionals can pressure wash graffiti tags safely and effectively and the method is of better quality in comparison to using paint thinners and other methods.

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The frequency of professional power washing services for your commercial property is dictated by key factors that include the amount of foot traffic, volume of people and environmental elements such as dust generation, pollution exposure, and other such variables. The appearance of a commercial building exposed to a large volume of elements and contaminants should consider power washing once a quarter. If you want to discuss a scheduled power washing service for your commercial property, call Woodedge Powerwashing and consult with our specialists about your needs.