Process of Pressure Washing & Benefits of Cleaning the Brick Walls of a House in Hampton Bays, NY

Brick has been a timeless choice for decades. There isn’t a more classic look than a brick home. Because brick is such a porous surface, it can be incredibly difficult to clean though. For this reason, many homeowners turn to pressure washing to get their brick like new again. Woodedge Powerwashing is here to talk about the pressure washing process to get brick clean again.

Repair Brick Before Pressure Washing to Avoid Water Damage

Over time, you may notice that the mortar holding your brick together starts to crack and show signs of damage. This should be repaired before any cleaning takes place. Repairing these cracks will keep water from seeping in and behind the bricks. After the repairs are made, they need to be left alone for one week before the pressure washing can take place. Pressure washing any sooner will cause damage to the repairs you just made.

Wet the Brick Before Starting to Clean

It is important that the entire brick surface is completely saturated with water before the pressure washing process can begin. Working from the bottom to the top, the brick is completely wet when finished before adding any detergent.

Adding Detergent to Pressure Washer

To truly clean the brick, detergent will be added to the water to remove dirt and debris. This detergent is left for 5-10 minutes to allow the solution to efficiently remove the grime. When cleaning brick, it is more effective to use more detergent and less pressure rather than washing with a higher pressure. This can cause damage to your bricks.

Use a Brush to Remove Tough Stains on Brick

For areas of brick where tough stains are, there may be a need to use a rotary brush to remove it. Grease and grass stains around the foundation of your home may need to be removed with a brush.

Rinse Detergent Away After Power Washing

Once the detergent has had ample time to do its magic, it will be time to rinse the detergent away. This is done using a delicate spray pattern to avoid causing damage. This is done rinsing from top to bottom in circular motions. A circular technique will ensure all the crack and crevices in the brick will be properly rinsed.

Lastly, Seal the Brick After Exterior Cleaning

To protect your brick from further damage and to keep them looking nice, you brick should be sealed. Your pressure washing will work much longer if you have it sealed right after the cleaning. This will protect it from acids, oils, greases and other harmful substances. This sealant is a clear substance that isn’t visible once it has been applied.

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The professional cleaners at Woodedge Powerwashing offers brick cleaning to leave your brick looking like new. We have the experience and the training that will allow us to completely clean your brick surface without causing any damage to it. Trying to pressure wash your brick surface can lead you with damaged brick that is irreparable. Next time you want your brick cleaned, call Woodedge Powerwashing to do the job right!