Concrete Driveway Maintenance Tips in Shelter Island, NY; How to Remove Dirt & Stains

Concrete is commonly used to construct driveways for people’s homes. It is a very durable material that requires little maintenance and is frequently used throughout the United States, making it suitable for the different climates. Where the concrete driveway can endure nearly anything thrown its way, it does require some maintenance to keep it in optimal condition, and most importantly, looking good for the curb appeal and your own standards. Today, we at Woodedge Powerwashing would like to discuss on the maintenance your driveway needs to keep it looking amazing.

Why Concrete Driveways Need Cleaning

To understand how to maintain concrete, it is best to know the fundamentals. For starters, concrete is especially porous, despite of the seemingly hard surface. It is derived of small gravel, sand and a cement mix, which after it is formed and set, it still leaves tiny holes within the solid surface. Porous materials absorb everything and anything; from moisture to soil, from allergens, to pollutants, and from contaminates to microbes. In a nutshell, the concrete will collect all manner of debris including such examples like dirt, bacteria, mold, mildew, grease, oil, pollution, and so on. The driveway, by nature, is being driven on and experiences its share of foot traffic. This leads to tire grime and whatever gets picked up on the bottom of shoes being trampled all over the surface. In a short time, your driveway will have black film, grease spots, possible chewed gum, chalk art, and other debris and grime buildup.

How to Prevent Dirt, Debris & Stains on Your Concrete Driveway

With regular sweeping, you can reduce the amount of dirt and debris the concrete absorbs. Tossing sand on top of oil and grease spills will help clean up the substance, but the stains often linger. To maintain a well-kept driveway, having your driveway power washed every so often is a must. Having this service conducted on a regular basis can prevent the buildup, and keep the stains from lingering too long. Where homeowners have the opportunity to buy or rent the pressure washing equipment, it is discouraged because without the proper training, you can etch and damage the concrete, or find the stains are just too stubborn for you to lift away.

Professional Pressure Cleaning

Professional pressure washing can restore your drive way like new, making it look amazing and improve the curb appeal of your home. Using a special process and technique, the professionals apply the correct temperature and pressure, along with potentially required cleaner to remove the stains, to get your driveway clean and refreshed.
Additionally, you can apply sealants to your concrete driveways to minimize the filthy particles and stains from absorbing into your concrete. Keep in mind that sealants just resist stains and power washing will still keep your driveway looking great.

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