How to Pressure Wash Pools in Sag Harbor, NY to Clean & Remove Algae & More

With the summer heat, many people notice their pool suffers from algae and water discoloration. You may have tried using extra chlorine with little results. When this happens, it is time to drain the pool and thoroughly clean the pool’s side walls, floor and filter systems. The best and most efficient method of cleaning a pool is by using a power washing or pressure washing machine. Woodedge Powerwashing will share how to correctly power wash a pool and remove all of the bacteria and algae.

Can I Pressure Wash My Pool?

Power washing should only ever be used on plaster, concrete, or exposed aggregated pools. Vinyl or fiberglass pools cannot with stand the force of a power washer. Never use a power washer on softer pools. However, for the harder surfaced pools, power washing is one of the most effective ways to clean pools.
Step 1. Start by having the pool completely drained. You may need to rent a water pump to remove all of the water. Some pools have a filter designed to extract the water and drain the pool. Once the pool is empty and dry, sweep out any debris left inside the pool. You can also use a shop vacuum to clean the bottom and even remove any water the pump couldn’t remove. Cover all electrical devices and wiring that is near or around the pool. Once you have done all the prep work you can begin cleaning the pool.
Step 2. Next prepare the power washer by mixing the cleaning detergent inside the power washer’s tanks. Make sure you are using a detergent that can clean pools and targets the algae. Often it will require water to be mixed with the cleaning detergent. Follow the directions to create the correct solution. Once the power washer is ready, begin cleaning the pool. When cleaning the pool, start on the pool walls first. Do small sections at a time. Start at the very top of the pool wall and then go across horizontally about three to four feet wide and work side to side and go down. Again, do small sections at a time. Leave the detergent on the walls and allow it to work until you finish cleaning the entire siding or walls of the pool. Next you will want to rinse the wall with clean pure water, with no detergents added. When you clean the pool’s floor you will want to work towards the drain if one is present. If there isn’t a drain, then first clean the edges, and then start at one end of the pool and clean in vertical rows, one at a time. Again make sure to rinse after cleaning. To remove the access water use the pump or a shop vacuum cleaner to suck out and remove the water.
If the pool was severely affected by algae, you may need to pre-treat the pool with an Algaecide. You can even use bleach but use a strong mixture. If you use bleach, use 1 to 4–bleach being 1 and water 4 ratio. Allow the pre-treatment to set at least 30 minutes to an hour before you begin cleaning the pool walls and floor.

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