Dangers of DIY Pressure Washing in Sag Harbor, NY; Damage to Siding, Concrete & Other Surfaces

Power washing, or also commonly referred to as pressure cleaning, is a highly effective method to clean exterior surfaces and more people are becoming aware of the beneficial gain it offers to both commercial and residential properties. There are many contributors to the filth that builds up on homes, business buildings, driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, walls, and other such surfaces. These contaminants include examples like compacted dirt and mud, mold, mildew, grease, oil, pollen and other allergens, as well as outdoor pollutants, not to mention bird and other animal droppings, discarded chewed gum, and so much more. When properly used by a trained expert, power washing can restore many of the surfaces back to their original vibrancy with a clean, sanitized, and deodorized end result.

Professional VS DIY Pressure Cleaning

Though people are seeing the fantastic outcome of power washing, some are turning to DIY methods as some pressure washing equipment is readily available at home improvement stores. But what many people don’t realize, is that the awesome power of the equipment can easily subject the materials being cleaned to damage and other atrocities if not properly used. With that in mind, we at Woodedge Power Washing would like to take the opportunity to discuss the dangers of DIY power washing.

Why DIY Power Washing Can Be Dangerous

1) DIY Pressure Cleaning Can Result in Damage. The power washing has temperature and pressure settings that need to be adjusted for specific materials, such as wood, concrete, glass, and so on. All too often those who have not been trained will use inappropriate settings, generally too many pressures, which then destroy what they were trying to clean. For example, concrete that has been treated with too much pressure can blow out chunks, making it look like Swiss cheese and wood with too much power will have etched lines or even strip carvings left behind.
2) DIY Power Washing Can Produce Mold Growth. Power washing is frequently used to clear away mold and mildew. However, when the task is improperly done, mold spores can be relocated to optimal ground and with the water used in the project and providing the right conditions; the mold can take hold and flourish. Mold is not only toxic, but it expedites deterioration and the mold spores produced from the growth can be easily introduced into the home, where it has the potential to spread inside as well.
3) Time & Money is Often Wasted In DIY Exterior Cleaning. Renting the equipment and buying the detergents are not that much less than the cost of a professional service. When the inexperienced concludes the job and of they were lucky enough to avoid damage, chances are you will still need a professional to ensure the surface is clean and fresh. Costing more money and wasting the time with the initial project. Also, an experienced professional takes far less time completing the service and does so more sufficiently.

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When it comes to professional power washing, the experts of Woodedge Power Washing have the extensive and ongoing training, experience in the field, and adequate capabilities to ensure the various exterior surfaces you need clean for your home or business are done with the maximum level of clean and damage and mold growth are prevented. Call us today to schedule your power washing services!