Power Washing Exterior Areas Around Your House in Shelter Island, NY; Vinyl Siding, Deck & More

Now that the long summer months are over and the holiday season is upon us most people want to have their homes looking their best. One area of concern is the exterior of your home. You want the area looking its best so that when you set out your decorations your home is not taking away from the design. The summer and even the fall brings weather that can leave sediment and dirt on many areas. The great thing is that with a professional power washer these areas can be cleaned and your paint and other materials can be saved from damage.

Woodedge Powerwashing Outlines Common Areas Around Your Home That Can Be Cleaned With A Power Washer

Vinyl Siding & Home Exterior: The main area that can be cleaned with a power washer is the exterior of your home. The home is a large part of the look and feel of the property and when it is dirty and has grime on it the home will not be looking its best. If your home has stucco, wood or any type of siding you can still have it cleaned. The great thing is that the power washing can actually save the homes exterior so that it will last longer. The dirt and the sediment that is often found on the siding could lead to damage that will have to be repaired if left unchecked.
Pressure Washing Deck & Concrete Patio: The next area that you want to have pressure washed is the deck or the patio on your home. The outdoor space that people walk up to or the area that family and friends tend to congregate is the patio and deck. You want to ensure that the mold, mildew, dirt and pests are removed from the area. This will help when you are holding a gathering outdoors for your next holiday event. It also helps to clean the space so when you lay out your decorations they are protected. Having these areas power washed increase the curb appeal of your home.
Fence Cleaning: You might overlook the perimeter of your house and property but it is just as important to the home as your front door is. The fencing acts as a perimeter line to separate your property from the others and is also a part of your home’s décor. The fence you choose will in fact get dust, dirt and other debris on it which can decrease the value of your home. It is important to have fences cleaned and by power washing, the debris can be removed which will extend the life of the fence. To attempt to clean these areas on your own can be dangerous with the heights involved and will also will take an extreme amount of time. A standard hose is not enough pressure to get all the debris from the fence leaving it only partially clean.
Sidewalks & Driveways: Dirty walkways don’t just look unattractive. They can attract unwanted pests as well as be a trip and fall hazard. Pressure washing can remove dirt, debris and mildew as well as oil and other stains.

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