How Often Should I Clean My Roof in Quogue, NY? Is Pressure Cleaning Necessary?

It is just too obvious when your home exterior’s is in need of a pressure cleaning.  The deck, siding, driveway and other surfaces right in your view are typically noticeable when they are due for a deep clean.   But since the roof is out of sight, it is out of mind. Many people forget about the importance of cleaning it, unless by some chance they notice it as they drive up to the home.   Though the roof may not require nearly as much attention as some of the other surfaces, you should know rain is not an inadequate substitute.  Rain actually contributes to the algae, moss, mold, and other microbe growth on the shingles, making efficient pressure washing a necessity to prevent the buildup and damage that comes with it.   Today, we at Woodedge Powerwashing would like to further elaborate on power washing your roof.

How Often Does a Roof Need to Be Cleaned?

It is recommended by industry leaders, that homeowners nationwide invest in pressure cleaning your roof every 2-3 years. Locations that experience heavy rains storms and HOA compliancy may need to invest in more frequent roof pressure washing.  Should you notice the dark patches scattered along the roof’s surface, it is likely mold growth and will need attention. When pressure washing, depending on your roofing materials you may need to take extra care.  In order to not harm the granules in the shingles on an asphalt composite shingle roof, a soft pressure washing is likely the requirement. Additionally, the tile roofs require a soft wash.  

           Pressure Washing Asphalt Roofs:   Using no more than about 30 psi, pressure washing on an asphalt composite shingle roof requires extra care.   Comparable to the garden sprayer, but professionals use specialized equipment to safely reach the entire roof in addition to a special non-toxic cleaner that does not harm the shingles or metal fastenings.

               Cleaning of Tile Roofs: Tile roofs are fairly common over the country. While pressure cleaning, it is vital you take precautions to not crack the tile.  Requiring the same low setting as asphalt tile materials, and the same care, clay and ceramic roof tiles are cleaned carefully.   You can go the extra step and ensure the clay tiles are protected with coating that resists moss and other microbe growth.  

               Pressure Washer Rain Gutter Cleaner:  There is a lot of compacted dirt, leaves, and other debris that needs to be cleaned out from the rain gutters in conjunction with the roof’s system.   Most gutters and downspouts are easily cleaned with a careful power washing treatment.   Doing so will prevent the mold growth under the eaves and on the walls of the home.  A professional can ensure a thorough pressure wash. 

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When you need a professional pressure wash for your roof, Woodedge Powerwashing has trained experts that have the experience and expertise to ensure the various types of roof tiles are cleaned accordingly.   A pressure cleaning prevents a lot of potential damage caused from the buildup of dirt, debris, and microbe growth.   Additionally, the curb appeal improves with the pressure cleaning extended to the roof periodically.