Pressure Cleaning Exterior Surfaces in The Hamptons, NY; Wood, Concrete, Brick & More

Pressure washing maximizes the exterior of your home by scrubbing and washing away the dirt, grime, mold, stains and all kinds of crud away.  There are more options when taking advantage of trained professional services, but there are surfaces of the exterior of your house that are not safely power washed. Water exposure and high-pressured water are not friendly with some of the materials.  Despite being waterproofed, for instance, outdoor electrical outlet can have their protective rubber seals open and blown off and should be avoided.  Today, we at Woodedge Powerwashing would like to take the opportunity to list the safest exterior surfaces of your home, that need to be correctly pressure washed, for an efficient clean. 

Pressure Washer to Clean Concrete & Brick

Power washing is the most beneficial method to clean the concrete and brick surfaces as it is water resistant and very strong.  Professionals take care not to cause damage, however, DIY improperly done can cause you to round out a corner or blow away a chipped piece.  As mold tends to grow on these low-lying areas, power washing can blast away mold very nicely.  If you decide to clean the brick and concrete be sure to use caution as you power wash to avoid spraying in-ground electrical elements in addition to taking care after you complete the spraying, that any draining system you may have might need assistance with efficient draining. 

Cleaning Painted Exterior Surfaces 

The largely painted exterior surfaces are frequently hesitated to be power washed by homeowners.  Pressure washing can and should be done if the paint is in good condition, where there isn’t any bubbling, chipping, and peeling present.  To avoid damage if you do it yourself, use a low pressure setting.   Keep in mind, pressure washing can make the removal more efficient, if the paint is old and your intentions is to repaint or refinish. 

Should I Pressure Wash My Wood Deck & Other Wooden Areas 

Easily pressure washed is wood that is being prepped for staining.  Through pressure washing methods, any soft or treated wood should not be cleaned unless the intent is to refinish.  An old barn or fence as well as a very rough surface that you are not terribly concerned about but want to clean with power washing as a good first step to improving it.  With refinishing and pressure washing in the process, these old surfaces have a breath of life as it is revitalized. Plants, pets, and children can be exposed to hazards if the loose chips of paint make contact, be sure to use caution.

Power Washing Vinyl Siding

The vinyl material is waterproof and strong and really benefits from pressure washing.  From the top down, use consistent motion to wash the vinyl siding.  Door casing, windows, soffit or the lower edges of the panels should not be directly sprayed with power washing.  The vinyl, though tough, is also light and pliant, so the water can easily get under it if you use the wrong angle.  

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To ensure your home’s exterior is safely and efficiently power washed, trust in the specialists of Woodedge Powerwashing and your exterior surfaces will be effectively cleaned and you do not need to worry about damage.