Pressure Cleaning FAQ in Southampton, NY; Does Power Washing Remove Mold & More

Power washing is a beneficial service that leaves exterior surfaces cleaned to the maximum degree. Many homeowners and commercial properties are taking advantage of the power washing application to keep the daily grit and grime residues cleaned off along with other eye sores and bacteria. But there are still many people who do not know much about power washing. With that in mind, we at Woodedge Powerwashing have taken this opportunity to answer the most common of the frequently asked questions to help people better understand power washing.

Pressure Washing FAQ

Q: Is pressure washing really important for residential and commercial properties?
A: Pressure washing is an essential service that is being used more frequently because of its importance. Pressure washing is the most effective way to sanitize the daily dirt and grime residues along with industry pollutants, dirt and bacteria tracked in from foot traffic, allergy particles and even mildew and mold. With so many stains and contaminants remedied with power washing, damage can be avoided and property will look well kept.
Q: Is mold and mildew removed with pressure washing?
A: A professional can remove nearly all mold and mildew; in rare instances however, between mildew and moisture the damage is extensive and the surface should be replaced.
Q: Can you power wash rust off surfaces?
A: Many rust stains can be removed, but some of the more severe stains will only lighten considerably. If rust is the prime reasons for the service, request an onsite consultation and a professional can determine the outcome.
Q: What can I do to prepare for my pressure washing service?
A: Any movable objects should be cleared from the area along with any parked vehicles to achieve the maximum cleaning.
Q: Can old graffiti be removed with pressure cleaning?
A: Fresh graffiti comes out quicker and easier, but old graffiti will have to be assessed for projected results.
Q: Are the products used during power washing safe?
A: The cleaners used in pressure cleaning services are environmental friendly.
Q: How often should pressure washing be scheduled for proper maintenance?
A: There several variables that determine how often you should get pressure cleaning services; foot traffic, mildew, mold and bacteria growth rate, general weather conditions, climate, and the amount of dirt that accumulates all play a role. It is recommended that residential properties get pressure washed once a year or more as needed and commercial businesses every 6 months or more as needed.
Q: Can surfaces be damaged by pressure washing?
A: Not with a skilled professional from Woodedge Powerwashing performing the service with state-of-the-art equipment and quality detergents with an application of expertise. DIY power washing services with someone not properly trained can damage different surfaces.
Q: Is DIY power washing equipment effective?
A: The equipment available to the average consumer cannot compare to the equipment available exclusively to professionals for more efficiency. Additionally, those who are not trained to use the pressure washing equipment can set the wrong temperatures and pressure to the wrong setting for particular surfaces; resulting in damage.

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