Pressure Washing Basics in Amagansett, NY; Professional VS DIY, Safety Checklist & More

Pressure washing services have a place on every residential or commercial property; and in many different ways. Pressure washing can help clean roofs, walls, fences, driveways and parking lots along with many other exterior areas. However for many who don’t consider pressure washing’s many uses; Woodedge Powerwashing will share some basic concepts of pressure washing and how it can help any home or business.

Purpose of Pressure Cleaning

A pressure washer is a machine that creates a high powered water stream that is used to clean various surfaces. It can also cut through the toughest stains. Cleaning agents can be added to the water tank to help target certain stains such as mold, mildews and fungus’s as well as oil or grease stains. Pressure washers have various settings which provide pressure washer professionals the ability to clean any surface.

Professional VS DIY Pressure Washing

Pressure washers can be rented or purchased. However, due to the risks involved, it is strongly recommended that you hire a professionally trained pressure cleaning technician. For a homeowner who is familiar with pressure washing and how to use one correctly, buying the machine is an excellent investment in keeping your home cleaner. However it is important to know which settings and nozzles are used for the different surfaces such as woods, concrete and metals. For example, when cleaning a roof you must use a soft wash versus a high pressure wash. This is where it greatly benefits to use a professional pressure washer technician. Professionals are trained as to the correct settings, angles and methods for cleaning any surface in the home.

Surfaces to Avoid Pressure Washing

Some people can get a little carried away with their pressure washer or sometimes receive recommended services on items or areas that shouldn’t be pressure washed. For example, furniture, even when furniture needs a deep cleaning, should never be pressure washed. Even the softest or lowest setting can damage that type of material. Plants and yards shouldn’t be pressured washed either. The power of the machine will destroy plants and gardens. Plastic materials also don’t withstand the force of the pressure washer. Avoid cleaning plastic. However there are a few exceptions when it comes to plastics so ask your technician. Additionally, painted surfaces shouldn’t be cleaned unless you want to strip or remove the paint. If not, don’t use a pressure washer on painted surfaces.

Pressure Washing Safety Checklist

Whether you do your own pressure washing or you hire a professional, there are safety protocols. The force of a pressure washer can strip skin off and inflict serious injuries. That’s why it is important to learn proper safety protocols and to wear safety gear and durable clothing to prevent injury. To prevent injury or harm to others around you, or those operating a pressure washer, it’s best to keep others away from the cleaning areas, including pets. Additionally, the person operating the machine needs to constantly be aware of what is around them. They also need to be careful not to injure themselves.

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A pressure washer has many uses around a home, commercial property, and buildings. Woodedge Powerwashing provides professional pressure washing services to help clean commercial and residential properties. If you need any of our quality services, contact Woodedge Powerwashing today!