What is Sandblasting Used for in Bridgehampton, NY? Surface Paint Preparation & More

The way sandblasting is done has changed drastically over the years. Originally, the method of choice was the use of sand, but in recent years, technology has evolved allowing other abrasive elements to be utilized such as black beauty and bead blasting. No matter which medium you use to get the job done, sandblasting is one of the best options for preparing several surfaces for refinishing and painting. Woodedge Powerwashing is here to talk about the many ways sandblasting is used today.

Heavy Equipment Sandblasting for Refurbishing

Often, heavy equipment is used in dusty, hot conditions. Maintaining this equipment usually takes abrasive blasting to get the job done. There may be several layers of paint and oil to blast through in preparation for finishing. The medium used in blasting depends on the equipment that’s being prepared, but you can count on a pristine surface that is more than ready for a new paint job when the blasting is done.

Sandblaster for Wood Furniture & Surfaces

Sandblasting timber to prepare it for repurposing will take years off the old wood. There is no better way to prepare reclaimed wood for reuse than sandblasting. As the planks are removed from their previous location, abrasive blasting will remove years of wear and leave the planks in their original condition ready for reassembly.

Sandblasting Render Preparation

Trying to prepare cement walls for plastering is no easy task; that is, unless you have the surface sandblasted. Sandblasting takes an arduous task and turns it into a quick process with the right equipment. Some would say there is no other way to properly prepare a cement surface for the plastering process. Sandblasting helps the wet plaster to properly adhere to the concrete.

Metal Steel Sandblasting

When preparing metal for the final finish, there is often no only paint that needs to be removed from the surface before painting, but other debris as well. There is no better way to clean steel and metal than with abrasive blasting. Sometimes the surface is delicate and require certain mediums to avoid damage, which means the task should be left to professionals.

Sandstone Building Blasting

Sandstone is a very soft stone and requires care as you prepare it for painting. Much of the time, sandstone buildings have layer after layer of paint on them since removing paint can be difficult. When the right equipment is used, professional sandblasting is able to cut through and remove all of these layers to get the building back to its original state.

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As you can see, there are many uses for sandblasting. You may be surprised at how many ways sandblasting could benefit you. If you are preparing to paint or resurface, call the professional sandblasters at Woodedge Powerwashing and we will get the job done. With the use of many mediums like soda, bead, ground coconut and more, we are able to efficiently prepare just about any surface for painting. We will customize our services to your needs! Call us today for more information on our sandblasting services.